How to turn yourself into a real mermaid

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Jul 14, 2007 · Try putting water and salt in a squirt bottle and spraying your hair a few times throughout your day. 3 Finish off your wavy hairstyle with beachy accessories. Put fake starfish, coral combs, or even a sprinkle of sand in your hair to show that you're a true mermaid.

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How can you turn into a mermaid - Answers There is no way to turn into a mermaid. They are not real and people can not change or morph into other creatures. If you want to be a mermaid, go get a costume from a store, or make one. How do you turn into a fairy or a mermaid? - TalkQueen

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How To Become A Mermaid When You Touch Water - Learning Mar 30, 2018 · Source of water such as pool, pond, lake or beach Yourself Belief Anything from the sea That’s a symbol of mermaids Casting Directions for ‘How To Become A Mermaid When You Touch Water’ First head out to the water supply and sit right in front of it with your legs straight out in front of you.

I think I read somewhere that if the sim doesn't get wet long enough they will turn back into a human. Message 2 That's not true. The sim i have been out of water useing cheats to refill my dehydration for 10 days now she is still a mermaid.

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Jun 03, 2008 · If you turn in a mermaid you can't let a gust of air touch you again, meaning not a single part of your body can touch the surface, you have to say good bye to all of your friends because you won't be able to see them ever again and your family also, if you go back to the surface you will lose your mermaidness forever and turn back into a human 11 Mermaid Spells !!! - Mermaid spells - Fanpop

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